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Color – Fierce

Get ready to experience the transformative power of this multi-purpose product, as it doubles as a stunning highlighter for an illuminating glow.

Our Blush Mono is designed to give you complete control over the intensity of your blush or highlight. The more you apply, the more pigmented the look becomes. Whether you prefer a soft and natural flush or a bold and vibrant glow, this blush has got you covered.
With its silky-smooth texture, our blush blends smoothly onto the skin, and the finely milled pigments deliver a buildable color payoff, ensuring that you achieve the perfect shade to complement your skin tone.

Not only does it provide beautiful color, but it also illuminates your features as a highlighter. Sweep it across the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow, to instantly enhance your natural radiance and create a ‘lit-from-within’ glow.

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    How do I know which cosmetics are right for me?

    When deliberating on cosmetic selections, several pivotal considerations come into play. Firstly, discerning your skin type is paramount. For individuals with dry skin, the choice should gravitate towards cosmetics explicitly formulated for dry skin, while those with oily skin ought to opt for products tailored to their specific needs. MAAKE's makeup line is meticulously curated to accommodate all skin types, ensuring universal applicability.
    Equally significant is the consideration of your skin tone. If your complexion leans towards fair, opt for cosmetics with lighter tones, whereas those with darker skin tones should gravitate towards products with deeper hues. Finally, aligning with your personal style becomes crucial. A preference for a natural aesthetic steers you towards sheer and light cosmetics, while a penchant for a more pronounced and vibrant appearance leads to the selection of bold and colorful options.
    MAAKE's repertoire of makeup products boasts a diverse spectrum of shades, catering to a discerning audience with varied preferences.

    How do I choose the right foundation shade for my skin tone?

    Achieving the ideal foundation shade is a nuanced process, best accomplished by aligning it with your undertone. Discern whether your undertones lean towards warm, cool, or neutral. Warm undertones often exhibit a yellow or golden hue, whereas cool undertones manifest with pink or blue undertones. Neutral undertones strike a harmonious balance between warm and cool tones. For precise matching, it is recommended to test foundation shades that correspond to your undertone along your jawline or wrist.
    Our foundations are crafted with formulas designed to seamlessly blend with every undertone. Delve into a refined experience as our products assure a flawless match, complementing the subtleties of your individual undertones.

    How can I select the right eyeshadow colors for my eye color?

    Elevate the allure of your eye color by strategically choosing contrasting shades. For instance, for those blessed with blue eyes, opting for warm copper or bronze tones can accentuate the natural blue hues. Green-eyed individuals can enhance their gaze with reddish-purple or plum shades, while brown-eyed individuals enjoy the versatility of earthy tones, greens, and purples.

    The art of discovering the most flattering hues lies in experimentation. Delve into the realm of possibilities with our MAAKE beauty products, offering a diverse array of powdery, matte, shimmery, creamy, and metallic eyeshadows.

    What's the best way to choose a blush shade for my skin tone?

    Elevate your complexion with blush shades that harmonize with your natural flush, imparting a flattering effect. For fair skin tones, the subtle allure of soft pinks and peaches is particularly complementary. Medium skin tones can gravitate towards the warmth of coral or rosy shades, while those with deeper complexions may find richness in plums or deep berry hues.
    In the nuanced art of selecting blush colors, it is imperative to consider your undertone. Warm undertones find synergy with apricot or bronze shades, imparting a sun-kissed radiance. Meanwhile, cool undertones flourish with the grace of rosy or berry tones, instilling a captivating freshness.
    MAAKE blushes present an exquisite palette of three distinct shades—pink, peach, and gold. Explore the spectrum of possibilities to enhance your natural radiance with our sophisticated blush collection.

    How do I pick a lipstick color that suits me?

    Elevate your lipstick selection process by considering both your skin tone and undertone. For those with fair skin tones, the subtle elegance of light pinks, nudes, or soft corals is particularly becoming. Medium skin tones afford the versatility to experiment with an extensive spectrum, from the timeless allure of rose to the sophistication of mauve and berry shades. Individuals with deep skin tones can confidently embrace the boldness of deep reds, berries, or plum hues.
    Delve deeper into the art of personal expression by factoring in your undertone. Cool undertones find resonance with blue-based reds, imparting a chic and classic appeal. In contrast, warm undertones flourish with the warmth of orange-based or warm-toned shades, exuding a vibrant and alluring charm.
    Experience the epitome of refinement with MAAKE lipsticks, exploring an array of textures that portray sophistication and elevate the expression of your individual beauty.

    How should I store my cosmetics?

    The best place to keep cosmetics is a cool, dry room. Additionally, you want to keep cosmetics out of direct sunlight, lasting longer if they are stored correctly.

    What's the key to selecting the right eyebrow product color?

    When selecting eyebrow products, precision is key—choose a shade that seamlessly aligns with your natural brow color. For blondes, a shade slightly darker than their hair color often provides an ideal balance, while brunettes may opt for tones that either match or are subtly lighter. Redheads can enhance their brows with the warmth of browns or soft auburn tones.
    Achieving a natural-looking finish is paramount, requiring meticulous blending and the application of light, feathery strokes. MAAKE addresses this artistry with two meticulously crafted palettes, tailored specifically for dark and light brows. Elevate your eyebrow grooming routine with our thoughtfully curated products designed to enhance and define your unique features.

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